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How can I help?

Please read below for info about volunteering, donating clothing or other items email Misty Padilla


We are always looking for volunteers for many different tasks, from food preparation to case management assistance. Please read more about volunteering here.
Donate food, clothing and other currently needed items

By ordering something from our Wishlist @amazon.com, you can be sure you are donating items as we require them.

Make a Financial Donation

As a 501(c)3 organization, all donations to New Alternatives are fully tax deductible.

Please make your donations payable to:

New Alternatives
410 W 40th St
NYC NY 10018

PLEASE include your return address so that we may send you a letter acknowledging the receipt of your donation within 2-4 weeks.

Donate to New Alternatives:

    • $4.50 buys a metro card to get a homeless to their case management appointment
    • $15.00 buys a GED study guide to help a homeless youth toward their dream of a college education
    • $25.00 pays for identification documents essential to seeking employment, education and government benefits
    • $35.00 helps young LGBT couples qualify for the City family shelter
    • $75.00 buys essential toiletries and supplies for ten youth
    • $250.00 buys a hot, home-cooked Sunday dinner for 50 LGBT youth
    • $500.00 buys a case of hats, scarves and gloves for 144 youth.

To become a Monthly Sustainer or to make a Donation, please click here:
Donate Now Button

Below are some examples of how your donations might be used:

    • $4.50: A Metrocard gets a homeless youth to our case management clinic or our Sunday evening Dinner and Life Skills training class.
    • $15.00: A GED Study Guide allows a homeless youth to seek better employment opportunities and attain their dreams of a college education.
    • $25.00: Fee for Birth certificate and State ID card essential to seeking employment, education and federal benefits.
    • $27.00: A weekly unlimited Metrocard so that a homeless youth can seek and maintain employment.
    • $36.00: Fee for registering a domestic partnership lets a young LGBT couple qualify for city-run Family Shelter, their first step towards permanent housing.
    • $50.00: Supplies and materials for a Life Skills training workshop for up to 50 homeless youth.
    • $65.00: Fee required to complete a City College or CUNY application for 1 college-bound youth.
    • $75.00: Provides a cooler full of lunches for a day-long event for a group of 30 youth.
    • $100.00: 10 Personal Hygiene Kits including toiletries and rudimentary sanitary supplies, necessary for gaining and maintaining employment.
    • $200.00: 1 Sunday Dinner a hot, nutritious, home-cooked meal for up to 50 homeless youth
    • $300.00: Supplies and food for an event, (day in the park, dance, outing) where 50 or more homeless youth can come and participate in a supervised drug and alcohol free event to build community and peer support.
    • $500.00: Job Interview clothes for 10 homeless youths, so that they can put their best foot forward.
    • $750.00: Enough to put 1 homeless youth on the road to college success. Fees and text books for college. We all know how expensive that can be.
A Few Words from Our Clients (video)
New Alternatives in Action (video)

Mission Statement

Created in 2008, the mission of New Alternatives is to increase the self-sufficiency of homeless LGBT youth and to enable them to transition out of the shelter system and into stable adult lives. We do this by providing case management, education services, life skills training, community-building recreational activities, opportunities for self-expression, and support services for HIV+ youth. Our guiding principles are those of harm reduction, youth development, and empowerment.